Metamodern Middle Way

Navigating the emergence of metamodernity to meet wicked problems of the metacrisis

The metamodern synthesis of indigenous, traditional, modern and postmodern worldviews beyond culture wars

Meta-modern-mentoring is a hub for connecting to leading metamodernists inspiring a way of life beyond the polarisation of worldviews and ideologies vying for influence in education.

Such educational activists are weaving together the best of other worldviews to promote educational solutions to the world’s metacrisis beginning with education itself as the fundamental cause of all crises. Arguably, all global crises are crises of education: the tragedy of the commons caused by the tragedy of horizons caused by the tragedy of consciousness.

Meta-modern-muse is an intentionally self-organising approach in which indigenoustraditional, modern and postmodern worldviews are proactively included in metamodern, integrative and regenerative educational projects designed to address wicked problems.

Links to Metamodern, Regenerative & Integrative Think Tanks & Collaboratories

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