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Metamodernity according to Lene Rachel Andersen

Metamodernity is an alternative to both modernity and postmodernism, a cultural code that presents itself as an opportunity if we work deliberately towards it. It is a vision, an option and a possible future scenario. As a cultural code, metamodernity contains both indigenous, premodern, modern, and postmodern cultural elements and thus provides social norms and a moral fabric for intimacy, spirituality, individuality, and complex thinking. It has the potential to protect our cultures and cultural heritage as the economy, the internet and exponential technologies are going global and disrupting our current modes of societal organization and governance.

Indigenous culture can provide a connection to nature that we have lost and the circularity that we need to solve a host of problems. Premodern culture provided strong existential frameworks through what we today call religion. Modern culture emancipated humans and gave us science, human rights, democracy, prosperity, and safety. Postmodern analysis has the capability to expose hidden power structures and take an outside perspective on our own culture. We need it all. We also need to choose right; otherwise, we risk having to live with the worst of everything.

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