Mindfulness-based Leadership Development


A Metamodel for Spiritual and Sustainable Development

Integrating the four strands of

Contemplative Mindfulness

Cognitive Mindfulness

Organisational Mindfulness

Ecological Mindfulness

bridging models of mindfulness-based adult development, models of leadership and models of pedagogy

Also adapted for use as the core model of mindfulness-based Co-coaching for use in our Mindful Support Network

Mindfulness-based Co-coaching course

Minding Leaders

A model of Mindful mentoring and coaching for the personal wellbeing and sustainability of leaders

Caring for Heads

Integrating Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Academic Coaching for mindful leadership development and school development

Leading Minds

A model of Mindful Educational Leadership for the wellbeing and sustainability of schools

Caring for the Planet

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Tim Saunders PhD


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