Mindful Support Network

Promoting Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Resilience and Sustainability in the Community

Via a network of Mindfulness-based Peer Support

The Centre for Mindful Educational Leadership has created the following short online courses as the core of a new Mindful Support Network. The network is open to anyone in the community as part of the centre's transnational knowledge exchange and support for wellbeing, resilience and sustainability.


Mindfulness-based Co-Coaching

An 8 week programme based on our programme of Mindfulness-based Leadership Development


Mindfulness-based Reciprocal Peer Support

An 8 week programme of basic training in the CCI approach to co-counselling

Peer Action Learning

Mindfulness-based Project development

An 8 week programme of training in the facilitation of Peer Action Learning

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Centre for Mindful Educational Leadership

Tim Saunders PhD


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