Wicked RE and Spiritually Sustainable Schools

A scheme of work used to restructure Primary RE in initial teacher training at Edge Hill University

World Wisdom Lab

Worldview Studio

Spirit Gym

World Systems

World Wisdom Lab

World Wisdom & Storytelling RE

A micro-pedagogy for solution-focused religious literacy and interfaith dialogue based on transreligious theology

Worldview Studio

Worldview & Big Questions RE

A micro-pedagogy for philosophical capability and worldview dialogue based on transcultural philosophy

Spirit Gym

World Spirituality and Reflective RE

A micro-pedagogy for spiritual development fused with adventurous learning and thinking like an ancestor based on transpersonal psychology

The IFF World Game

World Ecology and Wicked RE

A micro-pedagogy for the UNESCO competencies in Education for Sustainable Development addressing wicked problems based on transdisciplinary ecology

World System Model

Link to the IFF World Game, created by Tony Hodgson PhD

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