Liverpool World Centre

Empowering us all to create a just and sustainable world

Our vision is for a just and sustainable world.

We believe learning about global issues and adopting innovative thinking and methods from around the world empowers us all to work for a more hopeful future.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for positive social change by sharing the benefits of global learning with as many people as possible.

How we do this

  • We partner with teachers, higher education institutions and organisations to offer engaging workshops, events and training on global issues and global learning methods.

  • We like to do things in an open, participatory way allowing people we work with to feel supported and their voices heard.

  • We believe learning is a life-long process and we strive to make global learning relevant to all ages.

What is global learning?

Global learning helps us make sense of our complex world and develop an awareness of the impact of our own actions on others. At Liverpool World Centre, our work focuses on issues such as climate change, globalisation and addressing inequalities. Global learning fosters:

  • critical and creative thinking

  • self-awareness and open-mindedness towards difference

  • understanding of global issues and the impact of actions on others

  • optimism and action for a better world

Liverpool World Centre is part of the Consortium of Development Education Centres(CODEC), allowing us to work with other not-for-profit organisations who share our mission to support and deliver global learning in schools and communities.

One Planet : Two City Regions

Many Streams : One River

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