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Teacher Training Modules taught at EHU by the Director Dr Tim Saunders

BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS

What will be your teaching style? How would you like to see the curriculum develop? What can you do to drive change in schools? On our BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS degree, you’ll learn the essential skills you need to become a teacher, while looking at your work with a critical eye to keep improving. There’s a strong focus on values and social justice throughout the course to help you learn how to change lives. Out on placement, you’ll work together with schools and their pupils to uncover solutions to challenges they might face. Your time with us will not only shape you as an individual, but help you leave feeling confident you can make a difference to wider society, whatever career path in education you choose. You’ll learn professional skills that will last your whole career as a teacher. You’ll look at different theories of education, examine the curriculum, explore your own choice of subject and carry out your own research project. As well as learning from your lecturers here at Edge Hill University, you’ll have opportunities to learn from experienced teachers in the schools you train at.

Successful completion of the BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS degree leads to recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

BA QTS PED2024: Schools, Schooling and Curriculum: Values in Education

Critical analysis of the ILF synthesis of Leadership for Learning in developing your own Personal Teaching Philosophy

Utilising the synthesis of leadership for learning to enable trainees identify and promote their own Personal Teaching Philosophy in dialogue with Mike Bottery (2022): The Educational Leader in a World of Covert Threats: Creating Multi-Level Sustainability; and Michael Schiro(2012): Curriculum Theory: Conflicting Visions and Enduring Concerns.

In this 2nd year module, students will engage with a historical perspective on the development of education and schooling in the UK. They willtrack the factors that have influenced the development of the values which underpin current policy, practice and discourse in primary education to develop a critical understanding of the idea that values are not fixed, that they have not always been as they currently are, and that it is therefore illogical to consider that they will always remain as they are.

Through this focus on the past, students will be presented with opportunities to develop their critical knowledge and understanding of the present. This will inform the further development of their professional values and teacher identities. They will recognise the influence of rhetoric on values, policies and practices in education and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge what they recognise as injustice and inequality in their advocacy for children.

BA QTS PED3024: Elective Study P4C (Philosophy for Children)

SAPERE Level 1 Certificated Training integrated into module

This 3rd Year Module module will provide student teachers with the opportunity to individualise their programme, pursue personal interests or explore new aspects of research and / or practice with two short, specific, study focuses. Students choosing P4C will be able to undertake the Level 1 certificate integrated into six seminars (= 12 hours) to cover the foundational SAPERE modules.

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