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Undergraduate CLD Modules taught at EHU by the Director Dr Tim Saunders

BA (Hons) Children’s Learning and Development

Be inspired to work in education and support children in their learning and development. Our innovative course challenges your thinking and provides a comprehensive understanding of children and childhood between the ages of 5 and 11.

Analyse different academic approaches from history, politics and philosophy to psychology and sociology. Unpack the complexities and challenges of how children live, develop and learn. We’ll use real-life case studies to cover an international perspective on children, childhood and education.

Discover the influences on children’s learning and how technology can enhance their development. With connections to over 2,000 organisations we’re well-placed to offer work-based learning opportunities in zoos, museums and more. So, you’ll stand out to employers with well-rounded experience in the field.

Graduate from our children’s learning and development degree as a children’s practitioner that’s skilled in listening carefully and communicating effectively.

CLD2021: Social and Emotional Development

Mindfulness-based Social and Emotional Learning

Utilising the metamodel of mindfulness-based leadership development as a basis for mindfulness-based SEL (social and emotional learning) applicable to children’s social and emotional development and adult SEL.

This module equips you with a broad understanding of children’s social and emotional development through sociological and psychological lenses. You will consider theoretical models for children’s social and emotional development from birth to early adulthood, focusing particularly on the middle childhood life phase. The module will explore factors that may impact positively and negatively on children’s development of resilience, attitudes, moral reasoning and conscience, including the influence of peer pressure and social media, while also examining approaches that practitioners might take to enable positive development. You will gain a detailed understanding of how to help children develop as emotionally healthy individuals, negotiate their expanding social landscape, and secure the best possible educational and social outcomes.

In addition you will consider the key role of the emotional and social development of practitioners in supporting emotional and social development in children, reflecting on your own childhood experiences and embracing social and emotional learning as an adult.

Module code: CLD2001

Credits: 20

CLD2001 Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Part 1 of the SAPERE Level 1 Certificated Training integrated into module to support Social and Emotional Development

Students taking CLD2001 will also be able to undertake the first part of a SAPERE Level 1 certificate integrated into two of the seminars (= 5 hours) as a form of mindfulness-based support for social and emotional learning

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